Inside how to start your own Cosmetic Brand!

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So many uncertainties exist in today's economy, but you do not have to stay in that uncertainty!

The lessons and tools I will teach you will help you to navigate through life's uncertain situations and allow you to create your own legacy.

Learn how to create your very own cosmetic brand and start earning n income from your products whilst solving your customers biggest problem.

This course provides an E-book which will inform you how to start and launch your own cosmetic brand and will cover topics such as formulation & product development, raw materials, product testing, packaging and branding and more!

You also meet with me on our zoom class which will provide an intimate 101 with you about the content of the book. 


Cohort  3 will also include guest lessons on Branding in a crowded market space, Sales, and Staying true to natural products.


I’m excited to teach you and help you to boss up!

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