The Mint Collagen Collection

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If your desire is to have your skin age backward these products are for you, because they are not just moisturizers and body oils, these are packed with specific ingredients that balances and improves the skin's pH. 

Perfect for Sensitive, Normal or Dry Skin.

This collection is packed with nutrient rich ingredients such as Collagen, Tumeric, Vitamin E, Moringa, Mint, Aloe Vera, Sunflower seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil.


Benefits of ingredients:

Sunflower oil contains vitamin E which helps  your cells to regenerate,and may also reduce inflammation, and make your skin look younger; Avocado oil promotes Collagen, which can improve appearance of aged ,

and blemished skin. Collagen is a major component of

the skin's connective tissue; Coconut Oil contains antimicrobial properties that can help protect against

harmful micro-organisms. This is due to its lauric acid content,

which makes up nearly 50% of the fatty acids in coconut oil.


Moringa has many nutrients healthy for your skin including vitamin A, which builds collagen – the vital component that your skin is made of. It has vitamin C that helps to fight the signs of ageing. Furthermore, moringa has vitamin E that has anti-inflammatory properties.  

Also helps to Reduce the Signs of Aging. Moringa powder and oil support slowing down the signs of ageing. First and foremost, it rejuvenates your skin if it is dull and dry. As it is packed with antioxidants, it prevents free radical damage. This is extremely important as free radical damage harms your skin tissues, which leads to the formation of wrinkles.

Moringa has vitamin C that helps to repair damaged skin cells. Furthermore, it has a chemical called cytokinins that boost cellular growth on your skin and prevent cell destruction. So, by using moringa, you can say goodbye to sagging skin!


More Benefits:


Mint has many benefits to the in including Treating Acne. The benefits of salicylic acid and Vitamin A in mint leaves controls the secretions of sebum oil in the skin. People with oily skin are more prone to acne outbursts. The strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of mint leaves prevent inflammation and cure acne.

It also Hydrates And Tones The Skin. Mint leaves work well as a mild astringent agent that helps to tone your skin naturally. It is potent to clear off the dead cells, removes the dirt from the pores and revamps your skin to a smoother, supple and well -hydrated tone. In addition, it also retains the moisture in your skin by tightening the pores.

It also Slows Ageing

The presence of antioxidant rosmarinic acid in mint leaves is beneficial in improving the blood circulation to your skin and hydrates the skin. Furthermore, it prevents free radical damage to the skin and delays the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines. Mint leaves extract is helpful in restoring skin health and keeps it supple and healthy.

Reduces Dark Circles

The richness of antioxidants in mint leaves functions well to diminish the dark circles under the eye.  Apply our  mint facial serum over the dark circles and let it stay overnight. This lightens the skin tone under the eyes and rejuvenates it by preventing free radical damage of the cells.

Brightens Complexion

The antiseptic activity in mint leaves prevents skin from developing spots and rashes, despite constant exposure to pollutants in the environment. Moreover, mint leaves also combat the UV damage and extreme tanning of skin, during prolonged periods under direct sunlight. Applying mint leaf extract to dull skin can instantly lighten complexion, for a flawless and glowing look.





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